Entrepreneur understanding

Social responsibility

We like being successful - and we know: with success comes responsibility. Our responsibility as enterpriser goes far beyond our own employees: to many people achievements are even more important than to us. Sadly the number of people in our society insufficiently provided for by the government is growing. Their participation in social life and social interaction has increasingly become the responsibility of socially committed people and companies.

Ruhrtal Engel e.V.

In Germany, too, there is poverty. Therefore we are helping right at our front door: For years TTC Informatik renounces to buy Christmas gifts but instead gives money to the Ruhrtalengel (Ruhrtal Angels) in Witten.

Adequate nutrition isn't just a basic need but also a basic right!

It's this right for sufficient and well-balanced nutrition of every human being in Witten that the Ruhrtalengel stand up for.

Especially in times when many fellow people face considerable waiver we should try together to help them positively organize their nourishment.

The Ruhrtalengel support particularly children and adolescents of families with low income providing them with well-balanced, healthy and free food.