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Capabilities of integration

Industry 4.0 and the internet of things are omnipresent keywords in the world of media. It is true that industry is only at the beginning of its development and in the last two decades computer science has already brought huge change to the working world and to the lives of human. But it is also true that many medium-sized businesses have not noticeably experienced this change. Especially the business field of administration often lags behind concerning the technical progress. Real inter-divisional cooperation is frequently propagated though a real breakup of the structures that have grown over generations has not taken place. Many tools of individual divisions are not prepared for the communication with the whole company. This is where AMS starts out.

AMS - The interface of company divisions

In computer science integration serves as linking of different applications especially in the software technology. Unlike the process of coupling software by means of interfaces, integration partially even uses the approach of reducing or avoiding interfaces. In principle a distinction between function, data and business process integration is made. We at TTC Informatik believe that both coupling and integration have their legitimacy. No option should be preferred only by definition. It always depends on the individual case of the task situation.

Functional integration

The functional integration summarises several collaborative applications to one application. This prevents having to implement the same function in different applications. At the same time interfaces for data transfer are avoided. At AMS a functional integration is performed in the area of CAQ and quality support. Work-intensive, powerful but also cost-intensive CAQ-systems don't have to be operated additionally to AMS, a purchase can be avoided. This helps to reduce costs and increases user acceptance.

Data integration

The data integration includes different involved applications accessing a consistent data model to reduce redundancies.

This form of integration is applied rather rarely in heat and surface treatment companies. It is used for software applications that have a direct reading and writing access in the area of the AMS database.

Business process integration


During the business process integration, different functions are integrated along the business processes by means of the integration platform AMS. The applications providing the functions remain unmodified allowing the use of standard software.

You find an overview of important software and system players in the following chart:

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Communication - a synonym for AMS. In the following we present an incomplete list of the communication projects we have realized in the past. The central position of AMS inside a company becomes apparent through the variety of provided connections and integrations.

Document management systems

  • Docuware
  • Dokubit
  • ScanView
  • Easy Archiv
  • Habel
  • IMOS
  • Alfresco
  • JetWorkplace

Test devices / laboratory devices

  • DHS - Bilddatenbank
  • Spektralanalysegeräte Spectro
  • KB Prüftechnik
  • QNess
  • VMS Fa. Brück Prüftechnik
  • Zwick-Roell
  • Precidur
  • Müller Prüftechnik
  • Hegewald & Peschke
  • Schütz Licht
  • Gedore Drehmomentschlüssel
  • CAQ Babtec
  • CASQ?it by the company Böhme und Weihs

Process control systems

  • Demig Prozessautomatisierung GmbH
  • Stange Elektronik GmbH
  • Process-Elektronik GmbH
  • O-C-S-S GmbH
  • Mesa
  • Ditec - Progal
  • BC
  • DEWE Brünofix (Preiss)
  • Ipsen International GmbH
  • Rübig GmbH & Co KG
  • ECM
  • Coderé SA
  • ELTRO Gesellschaft für Elektrotechnik mbH (Eltropuls)
  • Aichelin Ges.m.b.H
  • Systherms
  • Seco-Warwick

Energy management systems

  • Dibalog EOS, EAS
  • Stange Elektronik GmbH
  • demig Prozessautomatisierung GmbH

Accounting systems / ERP systems

    • Datev
    • SAP
    • BMD
    • Addision
    • Kissels
    • SAGE Suit
    • JetWorkplace
    • IMOS
    • Mexal
    • Micronet
    • Microsoft Navision
    • ABAS ERP
    • Omega
    • Datasul / EMS
    • and other

    Currency providers

    • European Central Bank ECB - Currency import
    • Turkish National Bank currency import
    • Polish National Bank currency import

    CRM systems

    • SmartCRM

    Other / auxiliary systems

    • EDI - Electronic Data Interchange in different dialects
    • Proprietary order import and export
    • Connection to scale by the manufacturers Soehnle, Systec, Sartorius and other
    • Intra-trade statistic-notification Intrastat
    • WebServices
    • Connection to telephone systems via TAPI interface