AMS *DLS - Delivery station

The order line's logistic is supported by our delivery station. Thereby the delivery's transparency is the declared aim. Over deliveries or under deliveries (the end customer does not get the complete amount of goods ready for collection or the end customer gets goods that are not assigned to him) cannot occur. Through the delivery station, time and date of distribution and at the same time shipping condition are registered promptly and efficiently. The order lines that are ready for transport are registered with a barcode scanner. A clearly visible status display (red/green) shows the condition of the shipment. The shipping documents' printing is also handled via barcode scanner.


a) In the area of outgoing goods or collection by the customer a delivery station is set up. It consists of a special industry terminal or PC, wireless scanner, monitor and keyboard. Touchscreen devices support the operating staff in addition.

b) All deliveries including those collected by the customer and those shipped by external forwarders are accompanied by the in-house staff supported through software.

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Available expansions

The application signalises the functional condition clearly visible and also transmits this to the display of the mobile scanner.

  • Connection to a Signpad for digital collection of signatures for the confirmation of the goods' acceptance
  • Visual capturing of the delivery state