AMS*E-mail & PDF

AMS *E-mail & PDF

Automatical e-mail notification

The e-mail connection of the AMS system allows the automatical notification of the end customer when a heat treatment good is approved or ready for dispatch. The customer's contact persons automatically receive an e-mail when the product is completed - usually when the packing slip is generated after the final inspection/packaging. When image capturing is installed the e-mail service provides the possibility to send pictures of the workpiece as attachment increasing the service quality for the end customer.

The notification after a completion was the initial intention at the development of this service. However in the past years the importance of e-mail increased significantly. Thus it is a logical consequence that all further document types can be sent conveniently via mail saving additional time.

Technical requirement is an access to a SMTP-relay server.

Additional functional features:

  • Flexible time-controlled sending of invoices, reminders, credit notes, test certificates and treatment diagrams. The sending mechanism can be adjusted individually to the operational procedures
  • Flexible adjustment of the e-mail subject through programmable placeholders
  • Flexible structure of the e-mail contents and the e-mail signature. The structure can vary depending on the document

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Conversion into PDF format

The PDF service allows the automatical conversion of all outgoing e-mail attachments originating from the HTML format into the de facto standard PDF format from Adobe. A graphical loss of quality for the recipient is prevented. The recipient receives a faithfully looking delivery regardless of the used e-mail software.

Of course invoices are generated and sent to the recipient according to the common PDF/A standard.