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The task is to efficiently carry out the data exchange between fairly cooperating companies. Goal of the data exchange is the reduction of the effort when registrating orders and handling relevant transactions. Different import and export interfaces are provided. In principle a distinction between individual/proprietary and standardised forms of communication is made.

Standardised procedure

EDI - Electronical Data Interchange describes standardised procedures for the exchange of transactions. Usually this includes the transmission of orders, supply call-offs and invoices. The transmission via EDI is always handled over a so called EDI service provider and is often used in the environment of the automotive and aviation industry. AMS supports several business processes (supply call-offs, packing slip / transport data, transport label, accompanying documents, invoices and more) and numerous data exchange formats (VDA, EDIFACT and more). A commercial use requires a comparatively high volume of documents per week.

Individual procedures

However an EDI connection and associated costs are not always necessary. Besides EDI, AMS also provides the import/export in different non-standardised data exchange formats. These can be set individually for each end customer and adjusted to his options. Often enormous workload reductions can be reached even with simple measures. Among others the exchange of XML-datagrams via e-mail, FTP tranfere or the simple use of QR/data matrix barcodes have proven as an efficient option.

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