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AMS *Image - image capturing

Image capturing at incoming goods

The image capturing is used in the reception area for capturing parts and packings. Any number of pictures can be taken in the order collection for the simple identification of customer components during the production process. To avoid mistakes these can be displayed on work plans and shipping documents.

Our service includes the installation of the software, advising on the suspension and placement of the applied hardware.


Functional benefits:

  • Identification of customer components through digital image capturing
  • "One-finger"-operation
  • Controlling several network cameras (including ptz-models)

  • Alternative options of capturing (e.g. triggering through foot switch)
  • Identification of packings / bundles, allowing documentation of condition at incoming and outgoing

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Capturing load images

The load image capturing is used in the production for documenting built up loads. Ideal installation sites of an image capturing are for instance the infeed/outfeed stations of a multi-purpose chamber furnace line near loading machines or workplaces for load setup/dismantling.


This way questions concerning the professional setup of heat treatment goods and components can be handled.