AMS*MSG Event notifications

AMS *MSG - Messaging service

The AMS messaging service ensures a smooth, inter-divisional flow of information between the users. Through an integrated messaging tracking the delivery and receipt of messages is recorded. Important communications can be sent as priority message (with reading compulsion). These must be confirmed before the current activity in AMS or other programs can be resumed.

Of course the messaging service is also available for the own users. Via the messaging service AMS sends information on the occurrence of conditions and events.

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Automatical event notification

The integrated event notification service monitors events and conditions in your database and informs you via the communication channel e-mail and messaging service about e.g.

  • Expiry or resubmission date of offers is reached
  • Falling below turnover ratio
  • Limited price agreements end
  • New customers place initial order
  • Goods are not shipped despite readiness for dispatch
  • Goods untreated
  • Date of delivery threatens to delay
  • Incoming complaint
  • Submission of a tender for a customer
  • Incoming goods of the ordering system 
  • Pending and overdue maintenance or other activities
  • and many further events.