AMS*SHS Shelving system

AMS*SHS - Shelving system

The storage of operating material, packaging and treatment goods is usually handled without software support but - if at all - manually. The company's in-house logistic is supported by the shelving system integrated in AMS. This allows the simple localization of untreated, partially treated and treated products as well as the packaging and operating material. It is operated user-friendly with mobile barcode scanners.

Task and functional features

  • Storage processes of incoming operating materials into a (shelf) warehouse are supported.
  • The operating materials stored inside a (shelf) warehouse are clearly listed. A search function is provided allowing queries about storage locations for searched operating materials and equipment categories.
  • The extraction of operating materials via the shelving system leads to a reduction in the ordering system.
  • The system is operated either via computer input but also via classically known program control.
  • Moreover the operation is done over a mobile application right at the storage location. Via PDA terminals open orders can be collected as delivery and stored into a shelf warehouse. Packing documents from the supplier are assigned to ordering processes, goods are rated and stored into a storage area.

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Shelving system - basics

The shelving system is suited for the identification / storage management of packaging materials as well as untreated, partially treated and treated goods. This allows the storage and removal of packaging by reading in the work sheet / the packaging identification and a shelf space ID. The shelf space ID is attached easily accessible and visibly close to the shelf spaces or the forklift. Through this system information on the location of packaging / job items can be queried. The required information is displayed in a simple form on the screen at the workplace.

Shelving system connector mobile collection

The functions of the SHS are executed via a software especially developed for mobile PDA terminals. For this purpose an intuitively operable mobile application on a Windows based mobile device is used.