Optimise your production

Production, process and run-time optimisation

Key task of the software AMS is the support of the operations and operating staff at managing the daily work routines. The material and document flow is being controlled and directed optimally through the interaction between AMS and the company.

The following modules are provided for selection:

AMS*PDC - Production data capturing

Touch panel conform documentation, of manual processes as well, right where the work takes place.

AMS*Image - Image capturing

Uniquely simple usability through OneFinger image capturing for the component identification.


Automated notifications of your end customers via e-mail when completing the goods. Transmission of invoices, test certificates and other documents via e-mail and PDF-attachment.

AMS*MSG - Messaging service

Internal notifications, automatical information via the integrated event notification service.

AMS*SignPad - Electronical signature

Electronically capture receipts of goods.

AMS*DMS - Connection to document management systems

Paper free filing of customer documentations, orders, work cards. Instant access in real time possible.


End customers can see state of production, query dates of delivery.

AMS*OS - Ordering system

Procurement of spare parts and material management.

AMS*SHS - Shelving system

Warehouse management systems for packaging, finished products and untreated goods.

AMS*CVM - Consumption value management

Support for energy management systems. Retrieval of media (energy) consumptions and compacted preparation of consumptions in AMS.

AMS*DLS - Delivery station

Support of your logistic processes through optimized delivery.

AMS*Scale - Connection to scales

Retrieval of weights via digital scales.

AMS*CPDok - Graphical load documentation

Documentation and planning of load structure.

AMS*Spec - Spectral analysis

Connection to spectral analysis devices for the documentation and permanent storage of chemical compositions of the product qualities and forwarding to the end customer.

AMS*SMG - Sample management

Convenient management of extra specimens and customer samples and documentation of sample throughputs in the production processes.

AMS*ImEx - Job interfaces

Import of jobs and transactions for a simplified job processing.