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APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning and Control Plan) means a process or a collection of methods. APQP is a very complex approach. It describes comparatively comprehensive which activities need to be made before the start of production to ensure a high-quality product for the end-customer. APQP is based on the assumption that quality is mainly set at the construction, definition, selection of starting material and the development of a product and not later on during serial production.

The fundamentals of APQP are described in the Q5-9000 as well as the ISO/TS 16949 and attended documents. Furthermore some automotive manufacturers specified these guidelines and added a few elements to the process. The efforts of AIAG, General Motors and the VDA are the most prominent examples for this.

Quality planning intellectually anticipates the future condition a product or service needs. The instruments of quality planning consist of the corresponding quality methods. Quality planning is closely connected to the test planning.

AMS supports you in meeting the extensive requirements of your demanding customers and provides a few documents that need to be exchanged with the end-customer and suppliers according to the APQP processes.

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Support of APQP in AMS

Advanced Product Quality Planning is a process of the constant project management for the product and quality planning and suitable for all phases of the project emergence process.

It targets the avoidance of mistakes through a uniform, product-related documentation structure/hierarchy that provides the necessary transparency over the manufacturing process for the user (manufacturer). This simplifies the production control. At this point AMS can support and make a valuable contribution by generating, administrating and controlling the documents.

Process control plan

The automotive and automotive supplier industry requires a complete documentation of all quality ensuring measures all along the value chain. The process control plan contains all measures necessary to optimally direct the quality process according to the required quality and the striven costs. In particular this means the respective necessary test methods, applicable testing tools, testing frequency, required tolerances and the counter measures, that need to be initiated in the case of a deviation, concerning those product characteristics that are important for the quality. Thus the process control plan does not only fulfill the purpose of a complete comprehensible documentation of the quality control but also a substantial control function.

Cover sheet sampling / Initial sampling test report

The sampling processes are standardised and are common specification in the automotive sector that are required to be met by suppliers and subcontractors. The sampling processes don't only have to be made by suppliers that deliver directly to the automotive manufacturers but also by every single supplier in the supply chain. The sampling has to be done before the start of a series.

One element of AMS is the convenient creation of initial sampling test reports and simplified cover sheet sampling, inspired by the common formats of VDA. Individual formats can be created by the user if needed.