AMS*maintenance log - preventive maintenance

Many damages and repair costs can be avoided. Maintenance measures that are not carried out, missed or forgotten often lead to high and avoidable costs and losses of production.

Profitable companies set examples for preventive maintenance which is required by modern quality management systems. Lately maintenance regains the importance it used to have and the way production processes are linked nowadays makes it even more important.

Experience shows that the following points of maintenance cause high expenses in many companies:

  • planning
  • documentation and
  • analysis

There are diverse causes for this:

  • Long intervals between the maintenance activities often lead to non-execution due to non-observance / forgetting
  • Companies lack appropriate tools for managing, planning and/or documenting the maintenance activities
  • Control mechanisms on the performed activities don't exist
  • Maintenance activities that have not been executed don't lead to appropriate reactions in the production planning

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Functional features

This is where the AMS*maintenance log applies and helps. It includes the following features and components.

  • With the maintenance log the activities that need to be performed can be scheduled regularly or irregularly
  • The logbook automatically informs the responsible employees about currently necessary actions
  • Accomplished works must be confirmed by the executing employee. The result is a maintenance protocol log that can also be used as reference book
  • Automatic information of the responsible employees via e-mail / AMS-messaging service
  • Activities relevant to security can be marked (with a signed document), filed permanently and archived via a connected document management system
  • Convenient search criteria allow statements about performed maintenance activities
  • Fault signals can be passed on directly from the production staff to the maintenance
  • Locking functions for plants and equipment within the certified quality management system