not only when you need it... 

The meaning of support quality

Success or failure of a software is considerably measured according to its easy usability and the staff's acceptance. Another topic of vital interest is the support in case of an error, a fault or changes and user questions.

In the busy day-to-day operation of the heat and surface treatment there is neither time nor the concentration to work through complex manuals.

The users expect a contact person that speaks their language and knows about at the special problems of a heat treatment plant. For the development of you software products, we place a strong emphasis on the word "service" and the ongoing, proactive support.

Service at TTC means...

When required and after consultation, TTC logs into your computer network.

All work places are equipped with our established remote maintenance software. Our service technician is enabled to look "behind" your monitor. Questions and faults are recognised quickly and there is no need for cumbersome explanations. The assistance is greatly facilitated

Update mechanism 

If necessary, the usage of the programming language Java allows us to implement a new software update over the whole company with little effort and on short notice.

You will not need an administrator or administrator expertise to update and maintain our products.

TTC adapts to the working times and habits of its customers - not the other way around. This means our customers receive an emergency number that is almost consistently manned. Due to a rotating shift system, our support is staffed during the regular working business hours of a heat treatment company.

The modern branch software AMS assumes a key function in the company.

We are aware of this responsibility!

The quality management of TTC Informatik
Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Information on quality management 

For this reason, an excellent support with short reaction times is essential for the system acceptance of the employees and thus a requirement for a maximum of service quality for the hardening customers.

AMS represents a software solution that uses the latest programming techniques combined with open standards. Furthermore we want to offer a first-class service in connection with a complete follow-up support in the ongoing business operation. In-house development creates security since you receive competent support from a single source.

Online help

According to us, an excellent support includes, in addition to the access to current manuals and programming documents, the availability of guides and documentations beyond the manuals. All documents are provided online.


The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a collection of guidelines and recommendations of publications for the implementation of an IT Service Management (in short ITSM) and is seen as the de facto standard in the field of IT business processes. The set of rules and definitions describes the processes, structures and tools that are necessary for the operation of IT infrastructure.

The ITIL orientates on the economical added value that is to be generated through the IT operation. The planning, execution, support and efficiency optimisation of IT services are regarded according to their benefit as relevant factors for achieving our customers' business goals

In accordance with the ITIL guidelines, an IT company like TTC provides service for your customers. The ITIL points out approaches and working methods for the efficient organisation of our service management. Since 2013 TTC successfully implements functions from the ITIL environment service organisation.