TTC - a short introduction

About us

TTC Informatik GmbH is a software and systems trader with currently 21 employees delivering data handling hardware, related services and self-developed software solutions to customers from the heat treament and surface technology sector across the world. For more than a decade TTC Informatik GmbH is established in the market and specialised in heat and surface technology. The range of our customers encompasses companies handling heat treatment and hardening plants. TTC Informatik GmbH is market leader in Germany and Austria and accompanies customers worldwide.

TTC Informatik GmbH is free of outside capital, independent off other companies, has no ownership structures with companies of the market environment and is kept by the owners.

TTC Informatik GmbH assumes responsibility for continuously and productively operating the solutions and systems applied at the customers.

Understanding of the specific task situation

TTC Informatik GmbH sees itself not only as a software provider but rather as a holistically advising company emphasising the solution of our customers' problems in daily practice.

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The particularly strong reference to daily practice is the key to success

Being an independent company without “blindness” to organisational deficiencies we put every internal process under scrutiny while handling it with due distance. The development started with experienced in-house practitioners and is accompanied by these up until the present day. This combination is the guarantee for our success. Through networks with suppliers from the sector and memberships in interest groups from the heat treatment industry we are enabled to continuously develop with a practical orientation. Developing our products as well as our company itself, we cooperate closely with specialists from the sector. Being strictly orientated to our customers’ working practice TTC Informatik perspicuously differentiates itself from the competitors.

Innovation for the customer implies competitive advantage

Rethinking issues that others consider not worth rethinking and implementing these characterises our approach. We know our customers’ problems, identify them and bring change into motion.

Our objective. Nothing more, nothing less

TTC Informatik’s objective is to become market leader in a niche market. This objective is approached by technical advance, mature software quality and in particular the understanding of our customers’ assignments and issues.