Made in Germany

Software quality - Made in Germany

TTC Informatik is committed to Germany as an industrial location, especially to the location Witten in the middle of the Ruhr area. The Ruhr area is traditionally strongly related to the steel producing and processing sector and its people have a unique historical connection to this special material and its manufacturing.

Since the industrial revolution this connection and the existing expertise is passed on between the generations in the Ruhr area.

This attachment to our clients' raw material also provides benefit for TTC Informatik. Up until the present day the special importance that steel has in the Ruhr area is probably unrivalled by any other region in Germany.

Directly from the middle-class

The majority of sector specific software used by German small and medium-sized enterprises is developed and provided by German suppliers. Again and again this proves that German software convinces with practicality, outstanding quality, high security of investment and its German service. To the full extend this also applies to TTC Informatik and its products. This way TTC Informatik and its software solutions support small and medium-sized businesses of other industrial sectors.

The exact characteristics that distinguish German software to carry the seal "Software - Made in Germany" are summarized in the following listing:

100% Service: If you have any questions about our products you will always find a German-speaking contact person. Partners for distribution, service and trainings are available locally, hotline calls are answered in German.

100% Quality: The software designed in Germany is also tested in Germany. And what is just as important to the end user: the program interface and manuals are multilingual or in German.

100% Future: German software is a safe investment. Your program's and data's compatibility is guaranteed for the future. In addition the further development of our software is contractually fixed.

All our products comply with the above-mentioned criteria. We give our customers our word on that.