Industrieverband Härtetechnik e.V. (IHT)

(Industry association for hardening technology)


Heat treatment plants belong to the metalworking industry. As specialist companies they are operating in the field of heat treatment and material technology. The heat treatment sector in Germany is a typical medium-sized subcontractor industry containing about 175 hardening plants. In 2011 these companies generated sales worth approx. €1.1 billion ($1.22 billion) and employed around 6,500 people. In 2011 112 heat treating plants were members of the Industrieverband Härtetechnik (IHT). The heat treating plants belonging to the IHT represent almost 70% of the heat treatment sector.

Future prospects in the heat treatment industry

In the course of production from an unmachined part to the final product, usually several heat treatments accrue in each stage of production. The value created here amounts to approx. €10 billion, 7 to 8% of which can be associated to contract heat treatment shops. Comparing this to other countries like USA, Japan and the UK where contract heat treatment shops generate more than 10% of the added value shows that Germany needs to catch up on commercial heat treatment. Thus the sales of contract heat treatment shops are likely to show a better development in the next years compared to their clients' sales. At the same time German hardening plants face an increasing competition with foreign hardening plants which often have significantly lower energy costs (e.g. France). Therefore the competitive pressure on this sector is increasing constantly.

Contract heat treatment shops are characteristic for the industrial middle class, often owner-managed with around 40 employees on an average. The sector excels in quality, expertise and customer proximity.

Being a partner of the heat treatment industry puts proximity to our customers, companies from the heat treatment sector, and their problems and tasks into focus. Since 2004 TTC Informatik is associate member of the IHT. We actively take part in the associations' activities and use its opportunities for information and training to be able to recognize assignments and issues at an early stage.

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