Financial controlling

Connection to accounting systems

The commercial field of responsibility of AMS ends with the financial reporting. Of course business evaluations like the preparation of balance sheets require financial information originating from AMS. AMS adapts to almost any financial controlling and transmits the required information custom-fit on time.

Easy means of communication include the transmission of classical vouchers such as invoices or credit notes.

Account assignment processes like the capturing of payment receipts can be carried out either in AMS or in the accounting software. The respective communications partner imports or exports the account assignment processes from or to AMS. Thus operational business software, AMS and the financial controlling are always up-to-date.

More complex forms of communication include the transmission of detailed information. These can originate from visible as well as "invisible" components of booking documents. This enables complex business evaluations, procedural analyses within controlling.

A matter of course for AMS is the transmission of measured production and plant occupancy times. Oven hours evaluations or plant utilisations can be carried out precisely in the financial controlling. Information only required for the controlling is transmitted, unnecessary information is filtered out.

What's worldwide unique is the transmission of media consumption in the contemplation of plant utilisation. Via suitable interfaces to the process control technology, observations regarding energy consumption like power or gas but also time specifications like working hours of pumps are possible.

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Interfaces to common but also very specialised controlling applications are already provided today.

  • Datev
  • SAP
  • BMD
  • Addision
  • SAGE Suit
  • JetWorkplace
  • IMOS
  • Mexal
  • Micronet
  • Microsoft Navision
  • Omega
  • Datasul / EMS
  • and more

Your controlling application is not mentioned? Don't worry. Within a cooperation we provide several new interfaces a year. As a software provider we can react to new and unknown requirements and program custom-fit solution for you.