In-house applicable

AMS for in-house hardening plants (FIH)

The management of batches and manufacturing orders as well as the long-term and permanent assignment and archiving of the process documentation is covered by AMS for in-house hardening plants (FIH). AMS FIH is a variant of the successful order management system AMS that is specifically adjusted to the needs of in-house hardening plants and treatment divisions.

This custom-fit arranged function package has particular benefits for you regarding an often requested data consolidation of the divisions. Using FIH you obtain the possibility of bringing together several independent process control system islands for individual plants, automatic lines, line furnace plants, vacuum furnaces and others to an overall system. This enables a comprehensive management, archiving, search and analysis of batch data.

System audits, production assistance and process organisation are handled by FIH. Powerful interfaces are provided for the flexible data exchange with the company's comprehensive ERP system.

Of course an individual adjustment to the company-wide ERP-system's requirements (e.g. SAP, Infor or similar) is possible as well.