TTC Informatik -  custom-fit hardware, software, print and peripheral solutions according to your requirements


Our service in an overview

TTC Informatik GmbH's services as shortcut: 

  • Special Software AMS* AuftragsManagementSystem (ComissionManagementSystem) for companies of heat engineering and surface technology
  • Special products for usage in the in house and wage operation
  • Implementing and support in daily usage
  • Hardware infrastructure. We deliver, implement on site and supervise the regular usage
  • Specialized consulting for optimizing production, runtime and procedure
  • Process optimization, optimizing material flow and allocation
  • Renting and leasing of hardware and software products
  • Support and preventive network monitoring

We deliver integrated solutions and are happy to advice.

Who we are....

TTC Informatik GmbH is a software and systems trader from the heart of Germany, the Ruhr area. We currently employ 21 associates and deliver data handling hardware, integrated services and our self-developed software solutions mainly to customers from the heat engineering and surface technology sector.

TTC Informatik GmbH assumes responsibility for continuously operating the solutions and systems located at our customers all over the world.