The development


Related to sector but independent of any platform

Since 1997 this focus acquired a market leading position as an innovative software provider in the heat engineering sector for TTC Informatik GmbH.

The idea

Having a (comparatively) short history, TTC is still deeply rooted in the ground. In “computer years, counting more than 15 years of operating, TTC is way beyond being a start-up company. Compared to the served, honored customer base though TTC Informatik GmbH is a rather young company.

Remarkably our beginnings start with an ending. The ending of the successful career of graduate engineer Heinz Georg Trägenap. Having several decades of (work) experience with no doubt he can be called one of the rare heat engineering experts in Germany. With the ending of his active career in a large hardening plant in Western Germany TTC Informatik GmbH starts forming.

Up until the present day he provides all his knowledge from the years of professional experience to our computer scientists. Thus the first prototype for a software solution emerged in 1997, being adjusted specifically to the special needs of heat treatment companies. This software was first presented to the intrigued expert audience at the heat treatment colloquium in Wiesbaden enjoying great popularity at the first go.

Innovative programming platform

Defining Java (formerly Sun Microsystems, nowadays Oracle) as applied programming language at an early stage was first regarded with skepticism and has proven perfectly right by now.

Using the most modern programming technique of academic background combined with the existing experience and industry knowledge soon convinced our first clients. Down to the present day it is the special mix of young dedicated employees and experienced practitioners that guarantees our success.

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Jahr Ereignis
1997/98 Establishment of TTC Informatik GbR as sole proprietorship for developing a software optimising production, runtime and procedure in heat engineering companies. 
First presentation of the prototype at the heat treatment colloquium in Wiesbaden, Germany

First commissioning at a large German heat engineering company


Finishing several interfaces to market leading process control systems

2002 First commissioning at a large heat engineering company in Austria
2003 Relocating to new offices in Witten, Stockumer Straße

Employing first employee, TTC Informatik consists of 4 associates

Transformation to TTC Informatik GmbH, founding of a corporation
2005 Reinforcing the team by a graduate computer scientist

First commissioning in Belgium

Reinforcing the team by a further graduate computer scientist

2007 First commissioning in Brazil, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Romania 
2008 First commissioning in Mexico and Canada
2010 First commissioning in Hungary and Switzerland

Reinforcing the support and development department by two associates

100 locations on three continents were successfully equipped

2011 First commissioning in Slovakia
Reinforcing the teams by a further graduate computer scientist
2012 First comissioning in Turkey
Reinforcing the support department by a further associate
Reinforcing the development department by two further graduate computer scientists
2013 First comissioning in Italy
Reinforcing the support and develpment department by three further associates
2014 First comissioning in Poland and France
Reinforcing the developement department by three further associates