Standard vs. customized

Is AMS customized or standard software?

This question cannot be answered clearly. The range of application systems to which AMS belongs effectively supports the user at editing business processes and operational functions.

The term „standard software" describes programs that are not written for a single customer of the software provider but for a group of customers with similar problems. Adaptions to operational requirements are made by setting parameters substantially influencing the software's extent, appearance and behavior. This applies to AMS. Does that make AMS a standard software? 

„Customized software" describes an application software that was developed specifically for one operational requirement with its hardware and software environment. AMS was planned, developed and aligned exclusively with the needs of the heat treatment sector. Then as now the in-house specialist department supports the developers and programmers with requirements and expertise. The term customized or in-house programming does not fully apply to TTC Informatik since it neither runs an own heat treatment plant nor connects with one. Nonetheless it has the necessary specialist staff. AMS developed from a software solution for just a few customers without being ordered individually and could successfully be brought up on the (wide) market (of heat treatment companies). Does that make AMS a customized software?

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The answer is lain in-between. AMS can be customized to the needs of each company. Furthermore the modular, component based programming and the software development in the own area of responsibility gives the opportunity to individually adapt the programm to the customers' wishes. AMS combines the (best) aspects from both types of software.

TTC's customers are companies with individual unique selling propositions substantiating each company's existence on the market. Supporting these propositions requires customized solutions realized with the standard software AMS.