The JobManagementSystem AMS covers all operating areas of modern contractor and in-house hardening plants as well as surface technology businesses in an optimal way.

Through connecting our software to existing process control systems (TAM) the commercial and administrative functional areas of job processing are connected to the technical level of plant and control engineering.

AMS * AuftragsManagementSystem - Übersicht

This integration is unique in the heat treatment sector since it enables a complete job and schedule management. At the same time a basis for a certified quality management is created.

Plant Information Management System (PIMS) is the expression best describing AMS. A PIMS collects and integrates information about a production process from different sources.

Important tasks of a PIMS are covered by AMS and partially completed by further services.

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AMS provides

  • a job processing system from the offer and order to invoice, credit note, reminder
  • a production planning and control system (PPS)
  • a MES Manufacturing Execution System
  • an operating data registration
  • an expert system for the support of technical contract review
  • company-wide collection, consolidation and editing of data
  • an analysis of production output and product quality
  • the provision of key performance indicators for the improvement of decision-making processes
  • the reporting for the support of decision-making and documentation
  • the retrieval and consolidation of data from different sources (operating data collecting, energy optimization, laboratory, process control system...)
  • the integration of offline data (laboratory, calculations, future load profiles)
  • the event-driven calculation and notification
  • the long-term archiving of data and notifications (over several years)

Substantial remits of AMS

I. Processing operational business

  • Incoming goods, technical contract review
  • Image capture of the components/packaging materials
  • Production planning/production control
  • Data collection
  • Access to  control system(s)
  • CAQ / QS / QM
  • Outgoing goods 
  • Shipment/logistics

II. Processing „direct" administration

  • Pricing
  • Offer management
  • Accounting
  • Dunning
  • Credits
  • Purchase/order management

III. Auxiliary and secondary proccesses

  • Connection/integration of digital archiving (DMS)
  • Maintenance book
  • Shelf management
  • Connecting test devices
  • Communication services
  • Complaints processing
  • und many more