Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance in the IT? Impossible? - It works !

The goals of preventive maintenance - in the context of IT often referred to as pre-emptive (network) monitoring - are comparable to conventional maintenance of usual technical plants and operating material.

The duration of restricted or non-availability of a computer system should be taken to a bearable level. This equally includes hardware, software and all components relevant for the provision of services.

Our customers benefit from the preventive maintenance and the permanent network monitoring by the TTC support team.

Monitoring von Netzwerktraffic

Through precaution and protection the risk (of a system failure) can be reduced to an acceptable level.

By monitoring the network traffics data volume, safety is ensured and shortages or faults can be identified.

Netzwerk Monitoring Map

The surveillance of the network's state and its graphical presentation directly show occurring faults. What is more: faults often announce themselves in advance. These signals must be captured and analysed.

For this purpose we use established products which are displayed conveniently in a common internet browser. A permanent connection to your network is not required.

Another benefit for you: the state can also be viewed and evaluated by the in-house maintenance or responsible staff. This requires no special IT knowledge. A target-orientated solution can then be developed cooperatively.

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AMS - capable of monitoring!

Hardware-related states of a modern computer system are presented graphically. For this purpose the Simple Network Management Protocol, in short SNMP, is used. SNMP is a network protocol developed to monitor and control network elements (e.g. router, server, switches, printer, computer) from a central position. The protocol's task here is to regulate the communication between the monitored devices and the monitoring station. SNMP describes the data packets' structure of those packages that can be sent and the communication flow. It was designed in a way that allows the supervision of all network-compatible devices.

Sensitive user data is not transmitted. 

Netzwerk Monitoring einer virtuellen Maschine

The software states are monitored as well. Comparable to a computer, AMS sends data packets to the connected monitoring tools. This way faults/problems or critical states are visualized before regular users even notice the fault or before a critical failure or data loss occurs.

This function is supported even WITHOUT a permanently opened dial-up connection!