AMS*PDC Production data capturing

The prduction data capturing allows the electronical documentation of manual operations like deburring, parts cleaning, charging, etc. at terminals in the production. The operation is user-friendly through a barcode or touch display. This way manual production steps are registered as well.

PDC terminals are set up at selected places in the company. They are used to electronically document quality and cost intensive operations in a simple way.

The PDC application is characterised through easy learnability and efficient collection.

The status of production is transparent for manual (all!) operations in the system and can be viewed in many areas of AMS. The integrated monitoring of operational sequences increases the process reliability. The work processes captured by the ODC increase the transparency of their production sequence and are the basis for a sound post calculation.

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PDC creates transparency / functional benefits

  • for order collection,
  • for date information provision / in the customer service,
  • for single invoice for counterchecking time-dependent services, cost control,
  • for sample transmission to the laboratory,
  • directing influence in terms of a certified quality management,
  • transparency within the production for production assistance steps as well

The PDC-terminals are installed ergonomically practical and centrally accessible. The terminals can be provided anywhere in the operating procedure for time recording and documentation. Using touch-capable devices facilitates the operation in the daily workflow. We are happy to advice on configuration and selection of practice-orientated devices.