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  • You would like to provide you customers with information on the current state of your components' production?
  • Your customers shall have access to your data?

The additional module WebServices enables the provision of AMS services and functions for external users. The WebServices' functions are integrated into the company internet provision.

Task situation / functional features

Value-added services are provided for authorised users via an internet provision. Value-added services are for instance

  • queries about customer related job data and documents
  • provision of documents (e.g. test certificates or invoices) for users via download
  • execute functions of the order management software AMS on the company's productive data stock

For this purpose we provide a REST1-conform WebService. This AMSWebService is integrated into the company's public internet provision. Through the internet provision, requests to the WebService can be transmitted, the answers of AMSWebServices are retransmitted to the internet provision and then passed on to the end customer.

The optical preparation and design of the delivered answers can optionally be executed by AMSWebServices or by your web agency and is subject of the internet provision's operator.

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Voraussetzungen und Arbeitsweise


The requesting instance must have access to the productive AMS-SERVER. Requests to the access port must not be blocked by a firewall, routing rules or others. Of course this applies for the other direction as well.

An authentication of the service communication is managed through SSL using client and server certificates.

There are different options for the user authentication:

  • Option 1 - the internet provision checks the users' login for authenticity and validity. Only authenticated and authorized users can transmit requests to the WebService.
  • Option 2 - the internet provision forwards the requests unaudited to the WebService which checks whether the requesting user can be authenticated and authorized before processing the request. If successful, the request is processed, if not an error message is generated.

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