What's special about AMS.

The "AMS-Idea"

AMS supports the production control through a unique quality management integration. The underlying idea can be attributed to a basic assumption

„[...] there are only a few optimal (heat) treatment(s) to achieve the desired customer's requirement [...]"

Usually these (heat) treatments are known and don't have to be newly researched for the most part.

AMS promotes and demands the quality orientated production method. Thus AMS leads to a „dislocation" of quality management (from the end) to the beginning of the process chain.

The following explanations involve the CAQ environment which is extensively supported by AMS. The purchase of an additional CAQ application is no longer necessary.

Modules in quality management:

AMS*CP - Complaint processing

AMS*RK - Reklamationsbearbeitung

The complaint processing for the systematical error analysis with unique feedback into the production.

AMS*ML - Maintenance log

AMS*WB - Wartungsbuch

Plan and follow preventive maintenance activities. Document repair works and error messages. Stop-level for plants with pending maintenance.

AMS*SPC - Statistical process control

AMS*SPC - Statistische Prozesskontrolle

Analysis of measurement and test results by means of statistical methods for controlling and directing processes.

AMS*test devices - Connection to testing devices

AMS*Prüfgerät - Anbindung an Prüfgeräte

Assumption of measured values, test values of different test devices. Connection to scales and measuring equipment.

AMS*CQI/VDA - CQI and VDA support

Efficient and low-cost creation of CQI and VDA conform documents, control plans, FMEAs, process control plans.

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Expert systems

The integrated expert system supports in selecting necessary production steps. The technical contract check in the process of incoming goods is supported and massively simplified.

Based on the main customer specifications like e.g. material quality, desired result, treatment instruction and further information on the material the expert system suggests a suitable work process that also contains the necessary process parameters. Furthermore serial parts can be captured centrally, assigned customer-specifically and furnished with the appropriate (heat) treatment / work instruction. Recurring and time intensive registrations of incoming goods cease, are reduced to a necessary minimum and possible wrong entries at the order assignment are avoided.

Functional features:

  • Building and providing a (heat) treatment know-how database
  • Current data stock is available inter-divisionally
  • Detailed log card for induction processes included
  • Promotion and demand of quality orientated production and planning
  • Basis for structured workflows
  • Support in auditing trough several quality management systems

Support of the quality management system - Integrated CAQ

There are numoerous ERP-systems (enterprise resource planning) for producing industrial companies. The heat and surface treatment sector is characterized by a significantly high orientation towards service. Concepts from the producing industry are usually not at all applicable for this sector.

The scope of tasks of a software for companies from the heat and surface treatment sector often gets underestimated and, among others, constists of the following fields:

  • OTI - Order to invoice
  • CAQ - Computer aided quality
  • CAQ - Computer aided quality
    This contains the support of incoming and outgoing goods, the initial sampling, the product planning, the statistical process control, the complaint management and other
  • PIMS - Plant information system. All aspects relevant to production