AMS*CP - Complaint processing

With this module 8d-reports can be generated and managed according to VDA and incoming complaints can be assigned to job items.

The AMS*complaint processing subdivides into a number of areas:

  • Generating and processing complaints
  • Generating 8d-reports with individual layout
  • Information from employees about incoming customer complaints
  • Managing internal complaint reports, employee-instructions and unnecessary tempering
  • Commercial complaints are collected and managed conformably to management systems as well
  • Analysing complaints in the form of a meaningful complaint event
  • Searching for complaints and displaying them in a list

Complaints can be assigned to error categories, causes, detailed causes and different measures. The responsible employee is informed automatically.

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AMS*complaint processing is an integral part of AMS. Incoming complaints interfere into active production processes, work preparation and production management are informed - to put it short a feedback into the production is made. This interaction has been praised by several large companies (e.g. the company Robert Bosch).

The complaints can be marked as completed or denied. The complaint processing perfectly interacts with the also available AMS*messaging system.